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Primeval reaction post 4:06

I missed doing one of these for the 5th ep, sorry.

Partly because I found the episode a bit 'meh' but mostly because I had a very good weekend and was thus very, very hungover. My brain couldn't process anything complicated like 'typing' or 'stringing words together'.

Anyway - onto this week!

Aha! Placement of first death-o-the-week. More scenic than usual.

I’m presuming you have some part to play other than dino-food, Mister, but I’m sorry. Wearing Topgun glasses like that and chewing gum makes you look like a dick. (Hmm. Didn’t know I had that prejudice. Interesting)

Is this woman meant to be a wedding planner? ‘Cos she’d have met the groom before, surely? Ahh, who gives a shit – she’s gonna get et anyway.

Creepy basement is creepy. (And have you never seen a horror film, woman! Plastic sheets hanging up are the new ‘going down to the basement’! And you’re going down to the basement ALREADY!! This is not going to end well)

Aannd it doesn’t end well. (And maybe it’s because I’m not automatically a dog person but those puppies are NOT gorgeous.)

Aww. CPPM is not well. :( And he’s from the future. Which we knew but is nice to have confirmed.

“I’m not involved with anyone” – But what about Becker, Matt?! Methinks you do protest too much there. You can deny your feelings toward your boyfriend all you like but we know the truth. *nods* (Look. It’s true in MY head, ok? I reject all other realities)

Also, did CPPM’s “It’s for your own good” make anyone else think Matt may possibly be a virgin? Like, having been taught he needs to keep himself ‘pure’ and uninvolved for the fight? But there’s UST between him and Becker so thick you could cut it with a knife and after a really bad day he cracks and kisses Becker and things get hot and heavy but Matt’s nervous and says ‘it’s my first time’ and Becker goes all gentle and loving and spends hours making sure it’s a good first time? With white silk sheets possibly being involved? Just me that thought that? Ok.

Catch up with last week’s plot time. (Hi, My Lady! You are still very pretty). And then Anomaly time.

How did the red shirt’s get there? ‘Cos they weren’t in Matt or Abby & Connor’s cars. And who’s pulled the fire alarm? And why aren’t people more freaked out at seeing the team with guns? These are things we shall never know…

Famous last words, Connor. I do hope that red shirt didn’t just get et. Not after all the essential hard work he did carrying that small case.

CONNOR YOU ARE A BAMF!!! NOTHING MORE TO BE SAID!!! (Excuse me, I just need to visit my bunk for a moment…)

‘There was a man called Ethan the Ripper, Jess, and not only that but he was RUSSIAN! Though years spent through anomalies rid him of all trace of an accent.’

I am not as approving of the jeans this week, Connor. They need to be tighter. More like Abby’s. (Btw, Abby – I like your jeans…)

Hi Jenny! Jenny, you remember Abby & Connor, right? Oh. Yes, you do. And this is Ma- Nope, apparently you don’t care. Until he suggests clearing out for a day or two. You really haven’t met Jenny before, have you Matt?

Mr Fiancé is really not buying your bullshit, guys. (Though Topgun glasses, chews gum AND ‘I’m a musician’? Yup, this guy’s a dick.)

My Lady points out she can be useful. Matt tells her to go wait in the car. Because that worked so well last time, didn’t it?

Is Ethan going to get caught? Are those his kids? Did they really have photo-booths in 1902?

Becker continues to be hot and military like. Jess continues to be a total failure at flirting.

Girl talk. And I realise why I feel so much antipathy towards dick-fiancé! He’s not Cutter! This is probably unfair to him. I don’t care.

*facepalm* I’m sorry, that wasn’t emphatic enough *FACEPALM* …Connor. That was not smooth. That was so far away from smooth it’s on the other side of the planet.

Even though I know Becker’s better than that, I still expected Ethan to pop up from the back seat there in a Surpirse!Ripper moment.

Girl’s night in! And Matt gets bitch slapped down the combined forces of Jenny and My Lady! Ha! (And Connor is totally going to be imaging you lot doing filthy things to each other, I hope you realise?) (As will I, girls. As will I.)

I really don’t think mothering is the way to go to get into Becker’s pants, Jess. However many prawn crackers you have.

Matt, you’re being a real party pooper here – and you’re interfering with my femmeslash fantasy that they’re going to finish the champagne and My Lady’s going to join them on that big bed. I resent this.

Ok, the puppy hyena things are quite cute.

Why is Matt spilling the beans like this? Is there some connection between him and My Lady? JUST FRICKIN TELL US!!

Becker nooo! Did you not SEE the smirk Ethan gave the camera?! IT’S A TRAP!!


And Connor is going after hyenas without his gun?! ARE YOU TRYING TO GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK?!

But good improv, Connor! Puppies are underage for drinking but hey. (And I lolled so much at puppy on the right’s ‘wtf?’ expression as the box came down!)

Oh, shit. That’s a really big fucking bomb. And Jess is pretty hot on the tech but I don’t know if I’d want her playing around with that.

Sun’s up. And puppies say ‘piss off, sunlight, we’re hungover’. And momma’s still outside the door, sorry Connor.

Two red wires? Oh, Ethan – you bastard. BUT JESS PULLS THROUGH!! BY SHEER DUMB LUCK BUT WHO CARES? And Becker practically shoves her away when the rest of the soldiers come in. Now Becker, that’s not nice. I’m sure none of them are going to tattle to your boyfriend.

So Ethan’s not Ethan? Except he is Ethan? (I want to know what’s going on, damn it!)

Matt, you look good. My Lady, you… well, you look good, but I prefer you sans the makeup. (And you’re married? Whut?)

Connor. I just… Aaah! The faces you pull! And more improv! And the little suspicious look out the door!! YOU’RE ADORABLE AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Abby, what the fuck are you wearing on your head?

Tiny flower girl is adorable. Jenny, you are beautiful. I’m actually welling up. (But you should be marrying Cutter rather than Mr Dick) (And Jenny frowns a little when asked if ‘she does’. SEE! She knows she should be marrying Cutter too)

Nice dramatic entrance, Connor. “Everyone RUN! And btw Jenny, don’t marry him!”

Aww, cute puppy. Parents… not so cute. (And can I just say, I love Connor rescuing that little girl. If he gets anymore adorable I won’t be able to stand it)

Girls with nice dresses accessorised with fuck-off medieval weaponry. Is there anything hotter? Nice shot, My Lady!

Are you related to Jess, dick-fiancé? ‘Cos those shoes are hideous.

JENNY IS A BAMF!! You GO girl! “A mere technicality” *sporfle*

“Wouldn’t be a real wedding without a proper fight” – glad to see that tradition carried into the future, Matt. And nice going with the tact there. Well done.

Jenny spills the beans and dick-fiancé is – ok, he isn’t that much of a dick. (But if she’s over Cutter then I’m a fucking hyena)

AHAHAHAHA!!!! LESTER MARRIES THEM!! VIA THE INTERNET!! And Connor finds a hat for the occasion!! Oh, show. Never change.

I swear Lester sniffed as he turned away there. James, you’re just a marshmallow inside really, aren’t you.

My Lady got fake-tanned for the occasion. I missed that before.

CPPM!!! D: D: D:

(And I did wonder if you were Matt’s dad. Awww, Matt… *pets him*)

Next week:

It’s Big Bird again! And the team without their 1930’s clothes for the occasion.

And we’re in prison for this? DON’T DROP THE SOAP, GUYS!!

Especially not when Ethan’s around!!

Anomalies reproducing via parthenogenesis? This is not good. And Connor agrees with me.


Jan. 31st, 2011 01:13 pm (UTC)
Yesss, this makes me very happy indeed. I need some Becker/Matt pain!slut fic in my life.

Damn, well that's okay, because that pile sounds epic and I want every piece in it anyway. So I won't complain. <3

Hrrr, yesss. Sweaty!angry!Becker is the best kind. (Actually no, sweaty!angry!naked!Becker is the best kind. Mmm, yes.)

Damn, well I do hope they don't make us wait too long! AND YES WE NEED DANNY BACK OMG. I CAN'T WAIT FOR HIM. <44 He better come through that anomaly like a BAMF next week, in all his dirty, mullet-headed glory.

Also I was reading the other comments, and on the speculation for Ethan, I totally think he could be Danny's brother. They said he was from 1902, but who knows if he really is? And I'm pretty sure his name isn't actually Ethan, so he could still be Patrick. (Also, was it just me, or did you think he was gonna off that granny?) I dunno why else they'd bring in another brother plot like that because they're lazy because it's easy but we'll see I guess! The only thing that makes me doubt that theory is I hear Danny's going back through the anomalies to look for his brother. Unless he doesn't run into Ethan while he's there, or doesn't recognise him or something, it wouldn't make sense then. /spoilers


Also, some interesting looking stuff going on with the anomalies next week! (And Matt and Becker finally on-screen again together! /WHAT WITHDRAWALS?)