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Rain, rain, go away - f*ck right off and don't come another day

There's a guy I see in town on my way to and from work who's got this whole, gothic David Carradine, laconic wild-west look going on. Frock coat, black preacher hat, waistcoat, bolo-tie - the whole nine yards. I swear I saw him with a watch-chain once.

He always looks like he's just stepped out of an episode of Deadwood, and the woman I see him with occasionally is the epitome of sexy fetish chic; all corseted waist-cinchers and rubber skirts.

I found out that he works in the Pringle jumper store. (and if you can't place the name here's a good example http://www.kitmeout.com/fashion/pringle_sweater.jpg)

I just love the juxtaposition.


Curveball is now up on eppescest and Numb3rs Don't Lie and, in relation to that last and the pimping of 'rounds of kink' LJ I'd just like to say to silentflux -

My god woman/man/other (delete as applicable), do you realise what you're doing to me!?!

That I read the Round Three prompt list and I now have seventeen different plot bunnies gnawing at my ankles?! One of which has in itself five different permutations?

I'm going to go mad.
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