oddegg (oddegg) wrote,

Sure its hot, but its a dry heat, you know?

I've cross-posted Body in Motion on eppescest now as well as numb3rs_slash, and am now working on another don/charlie piece that I should be posting soon. It popped into my head along with the thought
'I wonder if either of them has tattoos?' 

I'm going to hell. 
(But, on the bright side, judging from the lovely comments people have left I will be able to make friends there. We can all share a handbasket!) 


After getting sidetracked into Criminal Minds fanfic I now also have an idea for a cross genre don&charlie / morgan&reid story, though I'm gonna let that percolate a bit.
Seriously, what is it with me and the jock/geek pairing?
Tags: my fic, slash
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