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I fucking INSIST that you go and read the fill that someone has done for me!

It's X-Men: First Class and it's everything that's good or even borderline turned over to the dark side and made twisted and nastybaddarkwrong and it's ABSOLUTELY FUCKING PERFECT!!!

It's the sort of perfect that means you will never sleep again, xmen will eat you.

(and yes, it says something bad about me that I asked for it and yes, it definitely says something bad about me that I love the fill so very, very much but I DO NOT CARE!! It's genius. Go read it.)
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There comes a time…

In every fangirl’s life where she’s got to stand tall and lift her chin up and say:
“You know? I’ve written slash fic, I’ve written rps. I’ve written rimming and bloodplay. I’ve written mpreg, god damn it! I have written a fic on adult erotic nursing.
And I’m not ashamed of any of it.”

“Pervert and Proud, brothers and sisters! Pervert and Proud!


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Primeval - Lester grey

Primeval reaction post 4:06

I missed doing one of these for the 5th ep, sorry.

Partly because I found the episode a bit 'meh' but mostly because I had a very good weekend and was thus very, very hungover. My brain couldn't process anything complicated like 'typing' or 'stringing words together'.

Anyway - onto this week!

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Primeval - Matt fought raptor jesus

Primeval S4:04 reaction post

Well, some combination of my computer and the site is determined that I’m not to watch the shows live so this had to wait till I could dl the file last night.

While waiting I passed the time reading cat!boy porn. You might want to keep that in mind when deciding how much credit to give my opinions.

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Primeval - Connor possibly go wrong?

Primeval S4:03 reaction post


Yeah. Tiny bit of frustration there.

(Also *sheepish* thanks to everyone who was so nice about my bad mood yesterday and apologies for emoting all over you. You guys are stars set at least ten levels above the best! *smooshes*)


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Black Books - bitches dance

The epic return of STUFF!! (I.E - I can't think of a witty title)


Then look no further! It's Pay It Forward 2011!!!!!
(already seen elsewhere posted by more talented people than myself)

What is Pay It Forward? Basically, it's me saying that the first 5 people to comment will get sent something handmade by me during 2011.

This could possibly be something fannish, possibly something arty. Almost certainly something crafty and highly likely to be something a bit weird.

The original idea with the meme was that if you claimed you 'paid it forward' by offering the same but I can't be arsed insisting on that so feel to grab the goodies gratis! :D

(My craft talents are reasonable if probably not professional standard, btw)
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All that we see or seem

I saw Inception over the break for the first time. My initial reaction? ‘Thank god I didn’t see this when it came out’

Not because it’s bad – oh no. Don’t think that. If you are one of the other few people on the planet who, like me, have been living under a rock and haven’t seen the film yet then let me reassure you that Inception is in fact bloody brilliant – well written, well directed, wonderfully acted and beautifully shot. The special effects are really quite spectacular.

It’s also marvellously intelligent and – shockingly for a Hollywood film </patronisation> – it pays its viewers the compliment of assuming they have some basic smarts and can follow a plot line when it takes a more scenic route. I’m going to watch and re-watch it just so I can pick over the little details and murmur ‘oh, you clever thing’ to the film lovingly.

But I’m glad I didn’t see it before because I may have become a little obsessed. Which is surprising because I don’t historically have a tendency in that direction at all… *looks shifty*

One of the things that makes me think the film’s baseline concept – that an idea can be planted in someone’s mind – is all too believable is that the entire internet now seems completely fixated on the idea of slashing Arthur and Eames.

Not that I blame them. There’s a delicious flirty love/hate undercurrent to – well, pretty much all their interactions and they are both very, very attractive. Tom Hardy’s mouth in particular is an embossed, rsvp’d invitation to sin and when it’s combined with his voice

I’m sorry; I drifted off into my happy place for a moment there. Where were we?

Ah, yes – the world and its internet wife writing Arthur/Eames slash. I’ve read two or three (dozen) now and the quality of what I’ve seen so far is generally very good. And it’s a pairing that appears to inspire some incredibly filthy porn so I’d recommend seeing the film just for that, actually.

And in the face of all these lovely examples of smut, and the pretty-pretty that is the two boys, and the wonderful snarky tension of their relationship my own inevitable plot bunny is – surprise, surprise!!

Not about them.

No, I get a mostly gen plot bunny with a slight femmeslash undertone that’s mainly a character study of someone who gets about two lines in the film. Not sure what happened there.