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Primeval S4:02 reaction post

This is actually a rewatch as I was able to join in the squeeing on Denial for the livewatch! *g*

Does this mean I will be more sober and slightly more sensible this time round, I hear you ask? *cracks open the wine* Let’s see, shall we?

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Did you know that 2011 - as well as being a prime number itself - is also the sum of 11 CONSECUTIVE prime numbers? 2011=157+163+167+173+179+181+191+193+197+199+211

Just wanted to share that bit of geekery with you all! :)

* * * 

And in other news, I got porn for xmas! YAY!!

TWO lots of porn, actually. My Yuletide gift was the rather yumsome 'The Kind That Talk The Loudest' by sunsetmog, which is from the Fast and Furious fandom and contains Brian and Dom finally scratching that sexual tension itch they've had going throughout the films! :D
It's lovely and hot and surprisingly sweet - and it contains rimming which I was very pleased about! I highly recommend having a read of it. *beams*

My Glee Puck/Kurt fic fest gift ALSO has rimming in it (Are my tastes that obvious? *g*). And - AND! - it has tattoo's and piercings and is amazingly sweet and 'awww' inducing as well as being very, very hot. It's called 'Teeth, Tongue and Tattoos' and as the reveal hasn't gone up for these fics yet I'm not sure who wrote it for me but I like them a whole lot! :D

* * *

As the Puckurt reveal isn't up I can't say which of those I wrote yet but my Yuletide fic - for anyone interested - was 'A Man's Best Friend is his Master of the Horse'.

It's based on a 1937 children's book called 'The Land of Green Ginger' by Noel Langley and as far as I can see from google I'm the first person ever to write fanfiction for it.

Not sure if I'm the best person to be a pioneer in the fandom but my recipient seemed to like it so I'm happy! :D


Drive by posting

And in other news:

I now need to research other bookmarking systems because Delicious may end up screwing us all. Any suggestions?

I hate you, new twitter, with your 'hourly usage limit' and the way you keep going blank. Fuck you!! Fuck you sideways with something spiky. :(

Am tweaking my Yuletide entry and panicking increasingly because I fear the recipient is going to hate the entire concept :( :(

Captain Beefheart died!! :,(  :,(  :,(  :,(

Realised that when Primeval 4 airs on January 1st I'll be stuck on a fucking train up from the Midlands!!!
....there are not enough negative emoticons in the world, quite frankly.

Robots lacking above the waist apparel

I've been catching up with my upcoming-movie trailers over at topless robot and films that I am now INSANELY excited now include:
  • Tron: The Legacy. No, of course it's not going to be as good as the original. Yes, I'm still going to watch it.
  • Green Lantern. Ryan Rynolds looks like he so much fun filming this. I just hope we have as much fun watching it.
  • Cowboys & Aliens - Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford! As cowboys!! Fighting aliens!!! Based on a comic book!!!! Counting down the weeks, people. Fuck, counting down the days.
Speaking of Harrison Ford, topless robot also has a link to him on the Conan show. Mr topless robot seems to think Harrison is drunk but I personally think this is a terrible malignment of the man.

He's obviously not drunk! Silly topless robot man!

He's stoned - that's quite a different kettle of hot-rocked fish.

(And if you get that reference to hot-rocks then I name you 'stoner' and tell you to stop bogarting, man)

(Also - never seen Conan before but jeebus god, is it just me or is that man is a dick?)

* * *

This weeks Fan Fiction Friday on TR is particularly wtf?-ish. Pokemon rape fic.

Yes, you read that correctly. It is at times like these - reading reviews of stories about pre-pubescent boys getting raped by stone, snake-bodied Pokemon - that I wish I had known about the slight reference to the Pokemon fandom that my lj name apparently contains. (Pokemon gets brought up when I google myself, anyway) (Yes, I google myself. Don't judge me)

It's not as bad as the Draco skull-fucking one though, and not NEARLY as disturbing as the 'Sherlock Holmes is constipated - let us write about this and about Watson giving him enemas for over 13,000 words!' fic.

You can't read that last one anymore, the author took it down. Thank your gods for this, people. The internet is better for it.
Ahh... 'tis the season to lose my mind again!

Yup, signed up to Yuletide. Picked the full 10 to write for, with some quite obscure ones.

...have started chewing my nails already.

* * * 

So - in case the lovely person writing for me wishes some extra info...

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Two things...

A large number of people in the world - coincidentally many of whom have business with me today - are really, really deserving of vicious throat punches. Just throwing that out there.

Anyone after an 'Archive Of Our Own' invite? I have one if someone wants it.

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